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KITF 2016

And the 16th Kazakhstan International Tourism Fair

KITF – is a major tourism forum in Central Asia which will be for three days presenting:


  • the world's best resorts
  • upscale hotels
  • convenient air flights
  • conclusive workshops
  • profit making decisions and special offers of leisure activities
  • new solutions in the tourism industry

KITF Video

KITF 2015 New

KITF 2015

KITF 2014

СМИ о KITF 2014

KITF 2013

KITF 2012

Amazing Kazakhstan!


Opinions of exhibitors of KITF 2015

Ahmad Al Hmoud, marketing manager, Jordan Tourism Board:

- I’m a marketing manager of Jordan tourism. In fact, we have some partners and  members here and we are participating in exhibition for the first time as a tourism board. We started with tour operators and now we see that we have a demand from your consumer ship. From your exhibition, we received 6 partners, they are tour operators, so now, and we are cooperating with each other. It’s very good for us.

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